Are you in Zoom calls all day long?

Newly-remote teams often suffer from meeting overload after trying to copy their office-based habits.

The Meeting Overload Rescue Kit (MORK) will show you how to go from burnout to flow by communicating effectively online.


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    Michał Parkoła

    Founder of Fluid Circle

    Who am I?

    My name is Michał Parkoła and since 2011 I've been running Fluid Circle to help leaders and their teams be happier and more effective.

    For the past 10+ years I've served as an Agile Coach, Product Owner, speaker, writer and workshop designer in the area of Agile, people skills and related topics.

    What will you learn?

    Learn more about the corenerstones of my approach to remote leadership: Agile and Clean Language as a foundation plus my own: Three Key Skills of Remote Work, CCM communication, AsyncABC and other tools and tactics.

    See also the full archive of One Minute Tips for Remote Leaders.